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PhD Program Biomedicine

Application & admission

Application is possible in two ways:


1. Via the Life Science Zurich Graduate School LSZGS, Track I
(for students without PhD project)

Applications are evaluated by the BioMed PIs with open positions to identify and select the best candidates. Short-listed candidates will participate in a round of online admission interviews (conducted by the BioMed PIs with an open position and members of the BioMed commission) and may thereafter be invited for an in-person visit in Zurich. Travel expenses will be reimbursed and free accommodation in Zurich is provided. Candidates accepted by the BioMed program and a PI should start work within six months of acceptance to the program. You will have to register with either the University of Zurich or the ETH Zurich, depending on the affiliation of your future mentor. Candidates accepted to a PhD program are automatically accepted to the other PhD programs of the LSZGS and can change the program if the chosen PhD position is closer to the topic of another PhD program of which the PI is a member.

Rejected applications cannot be resubmitted.

Timeline Track I

Application Deadline

Admission interviews and virtual lab visits

May 01:

Wednesday through Friday of week 24

November 01:

Wednesday through Friday of week 50

Overview procedure application LSZGS
direct link to application tool

2. Directly to the PhD Program, Track II
(for students who already have found a position as PhD student in the lab of a BioMed PI)

After a student and a PI have agreed on a PhD position and project in the research field of Biomedicine, the student can apply through the online system to the PhD program via Track II. Applications are preferentially done before the students starts to work in the lab, but no later than 3 months thereafter.
Applications are evaluated by the admission committee of the PhD Program in Biomedicine (BioMed). The selected candidates are invited for an interview.

Rejected applications cannot be resubmitted.

Timeline Track II

Application Deadline

Admission interview

February 01:

Mid-March upon agreement

May 01:

Wednesday of week 24

August 01:

Mid-September upon agreement

November 01:

Wednesday of week 50

Please contact the PhD program coordinator if you want to apply via Track II. Only the coordinator can provide the link to the application tool and provide further information.


Admission fee

The PhD program in Biomedicine charges CHF 1’000 - 2'000* for each student newly accepted to the program - independent of the application track. This fee is charged to the PI of the new student and contributes for providing continuous guidance, support and help for the students by the coordinator. The fee also helps to cover the costs for retreats, BioMed events, courses and special seminars established by the program to foster education of the students.

* Fees for the PI: 

  • PI pays CHF 1'000 to the PhD program for each recruited track I and track II student. 
  • PI pays CHF 2'000 to the PhD program for each recruited track I and track II student if PI does not participate in the evaluation process as infomred in January 2024 by the BioMed commission (for more information please contact the coordinator). 






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