How to become a member of the BioMed PhD Program.

In order to recruit PhD students via the BioMed PhD program/LSZGS principle investigators (PIs) need to be member of the BioMed program.


Required qualification

Group leaders from UZH or ETH who are carrying out research in the field of Biomedicine and have acquired own (independent) competitive research funds such as SNF, ERC or others can apply to become a member of the BioMed PhD program.

The commission of the BioMed PhD program will decide on the admittance or rejection of the applicants. The coordinator of the program will communicate the committee’s decision to the applicant, giving reasons in case of a rejection.



The BioMed PhD program strives to recruit excellent students worldwide to join the groups of the BioMed PIs. To this end, interviews with selected candidates are held twice a year during which the BioMed PIs have the opportunity to meet with interested students. The BioMed PhD program organizes and schedules the interviews and provides support throughout the recruitment process together with the LSZGS.

If available BioMed funds permit: BioMed students can apply for travel grants to participate actively in a scientific meeting.



BioMed PIs agree to serve as a mentor on as many PhD committees as they have own students in the program.

BioMed PIs support the program by serving on admission committees and/or by teaching course modules on an ad hoc basis. Members contribute to teaching in the BioMed PhD program in case new courses are needed. Applicants point out which courses they can offer within the program (or are already part of).

BioMed PIs control that own PhD students fulfill their responsibilities according to the program’s regulations such as to organize and hold regular meetings with their thesis committee and to attend the required courses.

If required, the commission of the BioMed PhD program can decide to collect a membership fee as well as a commission fee for the successful recruitment of students. The commission of the BioMed PhD program sets the level of these fees.


Application process

To become a member of the BioMed PhD program, please send a formal application to the BioMed PhD Program Coordinator including

- CV
- Letter of intent, describing briefly the main research of your lab and how your research fits to the BioMed PhD program, and specifying how you could contribute to the teaching activities of the BioMed PhD program
- List of independent and competitive funding such as SNF, ERC or others
- List of selected publications

The BioMed PhD program commission will evaluate the applications and decide on the acceptance of the new member.