Each PhD student is requested to attend complementary courses accounting for 12 ECTS (credit points). The following courses are open to all students. Students of the BioMed PhD Program have priority in case of overbooked courses.


Molecular Biology Methods (PDF, 52 KB)

September 6+7, 2021 (2 full days)


Introduction to human physiology: Regulation of cardiovascular function (PDF, 20 KB)

September 15 + 16, 2021 (2 full days)

Bioinformatics and Next Generation Sequencing (PDF, 25 KB)

   November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 / December 6, 2021 (6 full days)

   fully booked / waiting list

The course takes place virtually via Zoom

Application form (DOCX, 80 KB)


Introduction to human physiology: Respiration and blood
Winter 2021/22 (2 full days)


Introduction to human physiology: Membrane transport, signal transduction

March/April 2022 (2 full days)


Introduction to human physiology: Sensory systems: How we hear and see

planned for end of 2022 (2 full days)


Mouse physiology and pathophysiology
June, 2022 (2 full days)


BME 682 Principles of teaching in human physiology (former BIO 682) (PDF, 21 KB)


Introduction to Flow Cytometry (BIO 632) (PDF, 17 KB)
organized by the Flow Cytometry Facility


General and specific skills courses in BioMed offered by the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, University of Lugano (USI) (PDF, 176 KB)


Additional courses to be announced


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LSZGS - program specific courses

Graduate Campus UZH - transferable skills courses

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